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Certified Interior Stylist

Brandi Hezinger is the business woman behind many diverse companies. Her unique education and background have provided her with the ability to run these businesses with a high standard of service and quality. 

BRANDILEE DESIGNS,  was established in 2000 and resides in Florida.  The work of Ms. Hezinger and BRANDIELEE DESIGNS has been featured in many magazines, has won awards, and was featured in a  2013 Episode of HGTV Extreme Homes.  

Hezinger's Construction Inc's conception was in 2008.  It proudly serves Oklahoma and Texas in road construction projects. Ms. Herzinger later formed the hauling company S&Y Trucking Inc. 

In 2010 Brandi Hezinger opened Soyaz Construction Inc. which specializes in high-end remodels for interiors and exterior of commercial buildings and residential homes.  Also in 2010 Ms. Hezinger formed BeCare Life Services Inc., a company that focuses on creating all natural products to assist people in their beauty needs.

Brandi graduated from the Art Institute and went abroad to San Jose, Costa Rica to study Spanish. She has taken many diverse continuing education courses in France, Italy and through the United States to increase her business knowledge.    

Interior stylists are specialists at 'styling' interiors, and as such they're often employed by real estate agents to temporary style, furnish and decorate homes in preparation for their sale (this is called 'home staging').  Stylists may also specialize in styling and arranging interiors for magazine shoots.  

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B L D companies

Brandilee Design Interiors  ​A full service firm working on a multitude of  projects, ultimately the mission of Brandilee Design Interiors is to create interiors that are timeless, rich in style and inspire conversation. Often her commissions begin with only a few rooms and evolve into full home designs and renovations. Brandilee's clients value her attention to detail, her enthusiastic energy and her deep understanding of their lifestyle and needs no matter what the project is.    

mission statement

From Artist, Contractor, Builder, Staging and Interior Stylist .  At B L D our high end services translates our clients vision into one of a kind look.